Static electricity and how it works.

Static electricity is a type of energy that will build up on the most pointy surfaces on a moving object. Of course, the faster the object moves, the more static electricity is made.

Now for the technical part

You may be still wondering how the hell this energy builds up, well Im here to help.

  1. A moving object’s atoms collide with another object’s atom (moving or not)
  2. The atoms that collide with each other, their protons get positively charged and their electrons get negatively charged
  3. Due to the charged protons and electrons, electricity is made.
  4. (Optional) Some times protons or electrons collide with a neutron and loose their negativity/positivity and become neutral (neutrons), which reverses the charges(negative/positive->neutral—-neutral->positive/negative)

The atom’s protons, electrons, and neutrons collide, which sort of pushes them which creates more energy, now I could start talking about quantom leaps and shit but I’m really tired.


Could’ya comment how I did?

P.S If something is not right, its possibly because I wrote this in the middle of the night.


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